Billing and Customer care
for telecommunications

Terabill Ltd
Mustamäe tee 46  10621  Tallinn  Estonia


Terabill provides Billing and Customer care solution terabill.com to telecom companies:

      Starting telecom operators, carriers and internet service providers

      Active and growing telecom companies

      ISPs who plan to launch voice services


If you are starting business of ISP, voice operator or carrier, we have proper solution for you - to manage your customers, products and revenues from different types of telecom services. It is billing and customer care system terabill.com

We help you to break high market-entry barriers in 3 ways:

by providing you single solution to solve most of telecom software issues

quick installation and setup project with on-site training: time-to-market!

lowering your CAPEX via predictable monthly fee with terabill.com license rent option


If you are existing ISP, voice operator or carrier, and you are meeting limits in existing billing and customer care system, or you are tired of complexity, or managing, integrating and synchronizing data between multiple systems, we have just right solution for you - web based system terabill.com on top of single data model, to manage your customers, products, revenues and reduce complexity of internal operations.

Consider our product-based solution over in-house or custom software development. terabill.com is ready-to-run today, it is more competitive and much more economical.


If you are existing ISP (xDSL, optics, Wimax etc) and you are planning to start offering VoIP services, we have valuable solution also to you - and, no big suprise - it is triple-play ready terabill.com billing and customer care system, containing everything you need to sell also voice services - CDR collection and rating, number portability support, convergent invoicing, supporting sales of attractive products and bundles.

We have performed plenty of data import projects, to enable telecom companies to migrate into single billing and customer care platform.

Besides technology, Terabill project team is ready to offer you competencies and experiences to establish and adjust telecom-related processes and procedures, to get organizational part up and running quickly.


To learn more about terabill.com system and our services, you are welcome to continue from Products and solutions page.


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